Efforts in vain


Haven’t sold a book in a while? Marked the price down and still nothing? Feel like you’re shouting into the wind? Are your efforts in vain? I’m going to say no. It certainly feels like it sometimes. But no.

Let’s get basic. Human creation occurs when hundreds of millions of sperm look for an egg. Tens of thousands make it as far as the gate, and a couple of hundred of them make it to the egg. The one that penetrates the egg gives its twenty three chromosomes to the process and they combine to make a person.  One. Just one sperm.

So you’re writing and you’re marketing,  and you’re watching all these other people succeeding, and you’re feeling invisible. But it only takes one. One ad seen by the right person, one review that inspires someone to buy, one person to tell a friend, and so on.

I know…

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