When an author got “cocky”

Well written rendition to all the Cocky cock Blocked Rigmarole!


Oh boy, what’s happening in book world right now?  Lots of times people don’t even know what has happened and often the issues will disappear as quickly as they arrived.  This one though has pretty far-reaching consequences.  Or is that dry-retching consequences?

While many Facebookers sat scratching their heads about why they kept seeing the word ‘cocky’ everywhere, others were highlighting the ridiculousness of Author Faleena Hopkins’ actions. Who the hell is she? Most people have no idea who she is, don’t worry, but she has over ten thousand followers on her Facebook page. You know Facebook algorithms, they never let all the people see the posts. It wouldn’t matter anyway, because if you went to her page you wouldn’t find much. But in the midst of posts containing pictures of half-naked guys from Instagram and blah-blah about her producer and getting her book made into a film,  there was…

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